Laboratory Assistant/Technician (化驗室助理)

Laboratory Assistant/Technician (化驗室助理)


  1. Perform all initial specimen preparation
  2. Perform housekeeping duties at the laboratory
  3. Assist the Admin Officer to perform general clerical duties
  4. Perform any laboratory duties assigned by the Medical Technologist and Lab Manager
  5. Participate in-house and external training as required
  6. Other ad-hoc duties are also required


  1. Degree in Biology or Life Science related discipline is preferred;
  2. Knowledge in molecular diagnosis and DNA laboratory operation experience is an advantage;
  3. Responsible and hardworking with good initiatives;
  4. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
  5. Hands-on PC knowledge and good typing skills;

Location: Fo Tan


診所助護 (Clinic Assistant)

診所助護 (Clinic Assistant)


  1. 協助醫生打針,提前準備所需用品
  2. 整理有關打針和疫苗的知識,每週或每月更新並分享
  3. 整理診所藥品和疫苗庫存,每月清點
  4. 掌握抽血打針技能
  5. 略懂財務和前台工作


  1. 具備相關抽血或打針課程證書和曾從事醫療行業或基因檢測者優先考慮
  2. 有禮貌、責任心、細心、上進心,能盡快熟練診所相關業務的醫學知識
  3. 歡迎內地新移民,或曾在內地讀書、工作的人士

工作地點: 上水, 沙田, 旺角, 尖沙咀